27 Indonesian Celebrities Who Prefer So Converts

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Religion is one of the most fundamental human rights . Everyone has the freedom to choose their own beliefs. Including Indonesian celebrities .Some of them chose to move the confidence for the reason that of course vary . On the occasion of Ramadan this time , let 's find out who the celebrity who feel more comfortable embrace Islam .
27 Indonesian Celebrities Who Prefer So Converts

1 . Rebecca Reijman
Rebecca became converts after hearing scripture while attending a late night tahlilan Andrey Chilink , former drummer for the band Chameleon who was killed after the car he was traveling plunged into a ravine in the area of ​​Dago , Bandung .

Since then , he embraced Islam and married David siri with Danny Moechtar in the Netherlands in November 2011 . On October 14, 2012 , the two held a wedding reception in Jakarta . ( read : Rebecca Reijman : Converted to Islam After Hearing Holy Quran verse )2 . Jessica Iskandar

This one celebrity who decided to give two sentences creed in 2011 . By doing so , he formally converted to Islam and to celebrate Eid in the year .This being the third year for Jessica Iskandar Ramadan as Muslims . Until now , women are often associated with Olga Syahputra just looks comfortable with his decision .

3 . Steve Emmanuel

At the end of May 2008 Steve into the media spotlight because he decided to embrace Islam . In the presence of the Chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front , Habib Rizieq , Steve read two sentences creed .

With Steve migration converting to Islam , he was then given the name of Joseph Faith . The name comes from the name of the Prophet Joseph , who narrated handsome . ( read : Penance cohabiting , Steve Emmanuel converted to Islam )

4 . Alice Norin

Since becoming a convert since 2007 , fully supports the decision of the mother Alice Norin embraced Islam . During the study of worship , Alice had never experienced significant difficulties .Always received support and guidance from those close to him , Alice claimed his first novel fast to Islam fro smoothly , without a hitch. ( read : Alice Norin : Once in Islam Many Achieved Ease )

5 . Sultan Djorghi

The man who was married to Annisa Trihapsari on May 16, 2007 this began their relationship when both starred in Love in Bombay . At that time still a wife Annisa Adjie Pangestu .Sultan Djorghi which was touted as the trigger divorce with Adjie Annisa is also a convert . Sister of Thomas Djorghi chose to embrace Islam until now .

6 . Lidya Pratiwi

His name is Lidya Pratiwi rise when a suspect with murder over the model Naek Gonggom Hutagalung , who performed with his mother , and his uncle Joseph Vince , Tony Joseph .The victim was found dead at Mermaid Cottage , Ancol , North Jakarta on 28 April 2006 . A number of valuable items and proof of withdrawal of money through an ATM ( Automated Teller Machine ) is evidence of their crime .
Consequently soap star who recently converted to Islam was also sentenced to 14 years in prison , after his uncle got a life sentence and his mother was sentenced to death . ( read : Lidya Pratiwi , So Mu'allaf After Dream Kaaba )

7 . Dian Sastrowardoyo
When Ascension in 2006 , Dian Sastrowardoyo decided to convert. He chose to convert to Islam not because of popularity , but because of his willingness .Although the mother embraced the Catholic religion , but Dian admitted that it does not become a problem . According to him , the mother is not a petty person . He was not concerned about her daughter's confidence selected . ( read : Dian Sastrowardoyo : Choosing Islam Because I Want to submit to Allah )

8 . Cristian Gonzalez
After marriage , the ball players finally have an Indonesian passport . His wife is Indonesian nationals woman named Eva Siregar Nurida .Cristian converted to Islam in 2003 at the instigation of his wife and the environment in Indonesia . He then got the name Mustafa Habibi . ( read : Your first Christian Gonzalez )

27 Indonesian Celebrities Who Prefer So Converts

9 . Natalie Sarah
This woman chose to embrace Islam in 2001 . This decision was opposed by a large family of course , but it seems Natalie Sarah did not waver with what has been chosen .He had a unique first memories of fasting . At that time , she still secretly execute . Several times , she was forced dawn at home because family members have started paying more suspicious . ( read : Natalie Sarah : Hidayat Al-Fatihah )

10 . Willy Dozan
Willy Dozan Christian , chose to convert to Islam before the marriage to Betharia Sonata . But unfortunately , he was divorced from Betharia Sonata in late August 2002 .Later , the actor had remarried twice . But both foundered before reaching the age of one year . However , until now Willy is still embraced Islam .

11 . Merry Putrian
Women born in Jakarta , December 1, 1979 is known as a fashion model , presenter , and sitcom actress . His career of world models . Because of his mother's encouragement , Merry go to fashion school Soraya Haque .175 cm tall woman who had been a finalist Femina face 2001 Elite Model Look 1995 and 1995 Fashion Magazine Cover Girl is decided to convert to Islam in 1998 .

12 . Cindy Claudia Harahap
Cindy is married to Tariq Mahmud Eben on 4th July 1998. Of the marriage , they were blessed with 3 children , Sabrina Aisha daughter , Abriel Omar Syarif and Kirana Shaskia daughter .He who is the daughter of Rinto Harahap , decided to embrace Islam . Until now , her family life is still fine . It also is consistent with the belief of his choice. ( read : Cindy Claudia , Hidayah From Moon and Stars )

13 . Tamara BleszynskiInitially , 
a celebrity who is frequently observed habits of Muslims in Australia , such as prayer or fasting . After going through the process of learning about Islam through books and scripture , in 1995 Tamara officially converted to Islam .Since then , Tamara began to practice his chosen religion suit . Twice married and foundered , Tamara remains steadfast in his belief .

14 . Joey Ayala
Before known as Joey Ayala , the woman who is rising through the band with her husband Images , Anto Hoed . Melly became a vocalist in it .Melly embraced Islam after marrying in 1995 Anto Hoed ago . Until now , Joey seems to have been comfortable with the belief of his choice.

15 . Titi DJ
Women who familiarly called Titi DJ 's tether her on Bucek Depp . In 1994 , they became engaged , and then married simply on the date of May 9, 1995 .Titi choose to Islam in 1994 , following the conviction Bucek . But unfortunately , after giving birth to her second child , Titi Bucek divorced after two years of marriage . Both were officially divorced in December 1997 .

16 . El Manik
Throughout his status as a Muslim since 1993 , fasting Ramadan El Manik passed smoothly . Builders Porridge Pilgrimage actor admits there is no trouble .He likened fasting as ' down the machine ' . Like the engine which if used will work continuously hot , as well as the human digestive system . Therefore need an occasional break .

17 . Novia Ardhana
Women born in Jakarta , 27 November 1974 is known as a sitcom actress and presenter . Novia Ardhana including one of the celebrities who choose to become converts .Celebrities who claimed to have involved drugs during the six years it has been embraced Islam since 1987 . Novi who had full intention to quit , finally managed to escape from the bondage of drugs .

18 . Angelina Sondakh
Not long after the wedding with the late Adjie Massaid , Angelina Sondakh finally decided to embrace Islam . He did it purely for his own desires , not coercion .Until her husband dies , a woman who is also fondly called Angie looked seriously live life as a Muslim . In detention he looked always holding prayer beads .

19 . Lulu Tobing
Bloody vagabond artist is also noted as one of the celebrities who 've moved confidence . Lulu Tobing became a convert when she married the grandson of former president Suharto .

20 . Christian Sugiono
A relationship long enough to Titi Kamal , Chirstian Sugiono never married . Reportedly , the difference in confidence to trigger the breakdown of their relationship .Finally , after the man nicknamed Tian decided to embrace Islam , he was then married to Titi Kamal , and live happily to this day .

21 . Markus Horison
The national team goalkeeper also shahadah and eventually converted to Islam . ( read : Goalkeeper : Markus Horison , The Small Since Often to Your first Mosque )

22 . Marsha Timothy
Married with Vino G Bastian October 2012, Marsha Timothy claimed to have converted to the faith . He has converted to Islam , and now embraced Islam .Marsha did not want to be that he moved for purely religious marriage . According to him , religion is the most privacy rights of a person .Beautiful woman would feel the first Ramadan this year . Given Marsha pregnant , Vino admitted that he did not want to bother the wife to the affairs of fasting .

23 . Diego Muhammad
Diego Michiels soccer athletes made ​​a surprising decision . After consulting with one of his attorneys , Kapitra Ampera , beginning in 2013 and he decided to become converts .Diego claimed to have been long interested in Islam . This is due to his long life and stay in the Muslim community . The process of reading the Creed witnessed by three witnesses .This year is the first Ramadan for Nikita 's lover . Of course the boyfriend who is now going to lead man named Diego Muhammad was to fast the first time . ( read : Diego to Islam to marry Nikita Willy ? )

24 . Bella Saphira Veronica simanjuntak
Bella Saphira a Muslim and converted to Islam during Ramadan 2013. He say two sentences creed located at Istiqlal Mosque in Central Jakarta .Menjid it to witness a moment Bella Saphira shahadah , as a sign that he became a convert . He was accompanied by several relatives , Bellla Saphira Veronica simanjuntak heading into the mosque area . ( Read : Said Creed , Bella Saphira So Converts )

25 . Revelation Soeparno Putro
Presenters from Australia who eventually top spot in several television shows in Indonesia is a Muslim and converted to Islam . Men born in Scotland , July 28, 1963 that has the original name of Dale Andrew Collins - Smith chose to wear the name of Rev. Soeparno Putro when deciding to settle in Indonesia .He is known as a sitcom actress and television host . Several events brought by an Australian citizen , these include the Sunnah and Bule Gila .In addition to the television program , also played in the soap opera Rev. Sharing Love with Irfan Hakim and Natalie Sarah . Apparently, this guy was already firmly settled in Indonesia . ( read : Revelation Soeparno Putro Got Hidayah from Fajr Adhan )

26 . JonoMen
 of England is also converted to Islam . Starting in 2000 , the youth born in London , January 2, 1980 come to Indonesia to enjoy the air and known natural beautiful and friendly . He began his journey exploring through Aceh Indonesia .While in Aceh , Jono lot to learn customs and traditions , including customs Rencong Indonesian people of Earth . It was also made ​​him fall in love with a woman named Fauzia or familiarly called Nyan Nyak , then married her .Not satisfied just to know Indonesia through Aceh , Jono ventured moved to Jakarta to leave his wife and his children . Mid-2003 , then this is the real life begins Caucasians .Without a steady job , Jono wandering putrid support himself , his wife and children because they were in place. That's when he met with Bowie and Gugun are invited to join as a base in Gugun Blues Shelter .Jonathan Armstrong or familiarly called Jono , still continues to deepen knowledge of his new religion , Islam . He was born to a devout Christian family . His father is a pastor . Even so , the father did not preclude conviction Jono to move . He is keen to embrace Islam nascent when he come to Aceh . ( read : Acts bassist Jono ' Gugun Blues Shelter ' in Islam )

27 Indonesian Celebrities Who Prefer So Converts

27 . Ray Sahetapy
Already since 1992 Ray Sahetapy become converts , it makes it increasingly mantab to worship . To train his consciousness , the actor of "The Raid " is one of them chose fasting in Ramadan . These toasters ex-husband pleaded not trouble fasting because of his underlying intention . " It all depends on the intention it in us , " he continued . " If you have no intention of can not. "Not just to fast , he is also the intention to train awareness lakoni for prayer . " The intention is orderly , calm our souls , balanced and make us clean hearts , " he continued . He claimed no trouble . Because in the region of origin , Donggala , Southeast Sulawesi , Moslems can live peacefully side by side with Christians .That's dozens of public figures who have returned to Islam to be a Muslim convert , thank God . Hopefully next time at a time when more and more users are born as Muslims , will go back again to the original religion of Islam , as the religion of all races who blesses everything , Rahmatan lil alamiin as derivative Prophet Adam . Hopefully .
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